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Bikers in Tutus For Tatas



We are an organization aimed at breast cancer awareness and providing support to breast cancer victims.

You may know the stereotype of bikers as some of the toughest, roughest dudes on the road. But you may be surprised to know that most of these bearded, tattooed, leather-clad guys generally care more than your average person. Once a biker commits to a cause, they are known to give 100%, and our supporters have proven that.

Nobody can overlook a biker in a tutu, and we feel it’s a great way to draw attention to, and combat a disease that affects 1/8 of women.

You don’t have to be a biker to support the cause! So why not let your guard down, grab a tutu, and send us some photos? If you own a motorcycle, why not show that beauty off while you’re at it? We’ll post them here on our site. By it out there, you are helping to make a dent in the horrible disease known as breast cancer. You can even request to be a part of our yearly calendar!

About Our Founder

About Our Founder

Michael Denman (aka ‘Furry’) has been a live production specialist for over 25 years. When not working or spending time with his family, he is enjoying his Harley Davidson.

One day Michael decided to take a photo of himself on his Harley with a tutu on. The photo went viral, and he thought it would be a good opportunity to turn the attention to something that has affected him personally: breast cancer. When a good friend was diagnosed with the disease, it was a blow.

Now Michael has decided to return that blow to the killer known as breast cancer with Bikers in Tutus for Tatas.